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Human cognitive learning styles

There are three main learning styles in which humans use to assimilate informations:

Visual learners: This category of student understands and learn best when information is presented to them visually , it means they learn through what they can see.

They enjoy being taught with various representation like charts, images and symbols.

Auditory learners: They are special kind of people who understands information better when it is being passed acrossed in audio form, they enjoy listening to podcasts, audio books and messages.

Auditory learners like music and remember detail of conversations .They struggle to pay attention when there are sounds distracting in their environment.

The final one we are considering are the kinesthetic

Kinesthetic learners: They learn by doing things with their hands, they may have problem with staying still or paying attention to an assignment or lecture for a long period of time without taking a break.

Kinesthetic learners are exceptional group of people, they may be gifted with athletic abilities, they also enjoy class project that involves building , experimenting or acting.

Once you master your style of learning you will be able to stand out in any field you find yourself.

Learning is Golden.



Racism is a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on social interpretation of how one looks.

Racism is a social determinant of health especially among adolescence.

The impact of racism can be linked to birth disparities and mental health problem in children and adults.

Experiencing racial discrimination and injustice can take a heavy emotional toll and trigger chronic stress, anxiety, depression, racial trauma.

Our society overlooks black and believe they have minority contribution to history and culture, racism erodes your sense of self worth.

It’s also a thing of the mind many people see themselves as impotent , empty vessels, they already have this kind of image and perception about their personality already, influence of admitting bad interpretation of people about them aggrivates racism.

People also believes that we can’t raise heroes and gaint amongst Africans. People outside this country knows that we are genuis, they have seen our capacity, they are predators their aim is to turn our own ideas to money, since we did not believe in ourselves.

Some of them even subject us to slavery, but it’s never too late we can still take our place, I know we all have visions but let’s bring them to reality, there are also ways we can accomplish them.priortise self help through the following:

°Look for support within your community

°Embrace your ethnicity

°place value on yourself

° Build up your self confidence

° Be focused

Parental influence on child’s career 1

There are no bad children, it’s just that there are some certain negative parental influence on a child’s life/career

The importance of parents in one’s life is quite evident from this eminent quotation.

A child’s development depends on the parental upbringing. No circumstance can overcome the rigidity and sustainability of a child’s upbringing because parent act as a visioneer to their children purpose.

To be honest among African parents only few allow their children to work according to their destined purposes. Some parents are professors, lawyers, doctors , engineer, teacher and they are successful in their career path. Through their experiences and successes they subject their children to follow their paths, by doing this they shift the focus of their children .

Most of these parents monitor their grade , so they decide choices of career for their children.

For instance a child who has good grades in science subjects will be pushed to study science courses in tertiary institution

But no!! It’s wrong you don’t determine a child’s intelligence with A’s . To be honest the child may not even be destined to be in science .

It’s very important for parents to support their children’s career. There is no career that is useless since it can be linked to passion and purpose.

There will always be a particular trademark, signature, that distinguishs everyone from each other

Parent! Please guide your child right ,we are tired of raising miserable adults.

Adolescence mental health

Who is an adolescence?

They are group of people between the ages of (10-20).

Adolescence is a unique and formative time, during this period young adults go through a lot of constraints.

It is a crucial period for developing, and maintaining social and emotional habits which is very important to mental well being. These include adopting healthy sleeping pattern, taking regular exercise, problem solving, interpersonal skills and learning to manage emotions.

There are multiple factors that determines mental health out come. The more risk factors adolescence are exposed to , the greater the potential impact the on their mental health.

Factors that contributes to stress during adolescence

✓desire for greater autonomy

✓pressure to conform with peers

✓exploration of sexual identity

✓increase access to the use of technology

✓gender norms

Adolescence easily metamorphose to any circumstances around them. During this process some certain disorders occur

We have;

Emotional disorder


Child hood behavioral disorder

Self harm and suicidal attempt

Eating disorder.

Thanks for your maximum attention , I would butress more on the disorders in the next part of “Adolescence mental health”.


Unforgiveness can be defined psychologically as the emotional imbalance due to delayed response towards a transgressor.However the expression ( anger, hatred, frustration or violence) depends on the mental state of a person.

Health risks of unforgivennes

• chronic stress response: A person who lets out negative feelings in the form of hatred or violence is less prone to severe health issues .

•Short-term intense:A person suffering from delayed expressions, trauma cannot interact with people well . This impacts communication skills, thinking abilities and decision making power of a person.

• Depression: Depression is the most frequently encountered mental health issues, but the depression caused by unexpressed emotions can be more dangerous than other forms of depression . A person suffering from unforgivennes, depression cannot trust other people to share his/her feelings which further triggers negative stress or worsen situation.

Benefits of forgiveness

*Mental stability: forgiveness facilitates the process of recovery from mental trauma.

* social functioning: it is very important for a person to have self control. People suffering from depression due to unforgivennes have no self control or coordination.


What is depression? Depression can be classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as the feeling of sadness or loss that interferes with a person’s everyday activity.

In recent research, The World Health Organization (WHO) states that across the world, more than 300 million people of all ages live with depression, moreover the (WHO) added that this condition is also “The leading cause of disability worldwide.

Depression is an extremely complex disease , No one knows exactly what causes it, but it can occur for a variety of reasons.

What are the main causes of depression?

°Abuse: past physical , sexual or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to depression later life.

°Conflict: Depression can occur in someone who has biological vulnerability to develop depression, it may result from personal conflict, disputes with family members or friends.

°Death or a loss: sadness or grief from death or loss of a loved one, though natural, may increase the risk of depression.

°Other personal problems: problems such as social isolation due to other mental illness or being cast out of a family or social group can contribute to the risk of developing depression.

Treatment of depression

•Talk to someone you trust about it

•Try not to isolate yourself, it makes depression worse

•Adopt healthy habits

•manage stress and anxiety