Unforgiveness can be defined psychologically as the emotional imbalance due to delayed response towards a transgressor.However the expression ( anger, hatred, frustration or violence) depends on the mental state of a person.

Health risks of unforgivennes

• chronic stress response: A person who lets out negative feelings in the form of hatred or violence is less prone to severe health issues .

•Short-term intense:A person suffering from delayed expressions, trauma cannot interact with people well . This impacts communication skills, thinking abilities and decision making power of a person.

• Depression: Depression is the most frequently encountered mental health issues, but the depression caused by unexpressed emotions can be more dangerous than other forms of depression . A person suffering from unforgivennes, depression cannot trust other people to share his/her feelings which further triggers negative stress or worsen situation.

Benefits of forgiveness

*Mental stability: forgiveness facilitates the process of recovery from mental trauma.

* social functioning: it is very important for a person to have self control. People suffering from depression due to unforgivennes have no self control or coordination.

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