Adolescence mental health

Who is an adolescence?

They are group of people between the ages of (10-20).

Adolescence is a unique and formative time, during this period young adults go through a lot of constraints.

It is a crucial period for developing, and maintaining social and emotional habits which is very important to mental well being. These include adopting healthy sleeping pattern, taking regular exercise, problem solving, interpersonal skills and learning to manage emotions.

There are multiple factors that determines mental health out come. The more risk factors adolescence are exposed to , the greater the potential impact the on their mental health.

Factors that contributes to stress during adolescence

✓desire for greater autonomy

✓pressure to conform with peers

✓exploration of sexual identity

✓increase access to the use of technology

✓gender norms

Adolescence easily metamorphose to any circumstances around them. During this process some certain disorders occur

We have;

Emotional disorder


Child hood behavioral disorder

Self harm and suicidal attempt

Eating disorder.

Thanks for your maximum attention , I would butress more on the disorders in the next part of “Adolescence mental health”.

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