Parental influence on child’s career 1

There are no bad children, it’s just that there are some certain negative parental influence on a child’s life/career

The importance of parents in one’s life is quite evident from this eminent quotation.

A child’s development depends on the parental upbringing. No circumstance can overcome the rigidity and sustainability of a child’s upbringing because parent act as a visioneer to their children purpose.

To be honest among African parents only few allow their children to work according to their destined purposes. Some parents are professors, lawyers, doctors , engineer, teacher and they are successful in their career path. Through their experiences and successes they subject their children to follow their paths, by doing this they shift the focus of their children .

Most of these parents monitor their grade , so they decide choices of career for their children.

For instance a child who has good grades in science subjects will be pushed to study science courses in tertiary institution

But no!! It’s wrong you don’t determine a child’s intelligence with A’s . To be honest the child may not even be destined to be in science .

It’s very important for parents to support their children’s career. There is no career that is useless since it can be linked to passion and purpose.

There will always be a particular trademark, signature, that distinguishs everyone from each other

Parent! Please guide your child right ,we are tired of raising miserable adults.

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