Racism is a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on social interpretation of how one looks.

Racism is a social determinant of health especially among adolescence.

The impact of racism can be linked to birth disparities and mental health problem in children and adults.

Experiencing racial discrimination and injustice can take a heavy emotional toll and trigger chronic stress, anxiety, depression, racial trauma.

Our society overlooks black and believe they have minority contribution to history and culture, racism erodes your sense of self worth.

It’s also a thing of the mind many people see themselves as impotent , empty vessels, they already have this kind of image and perception about their personality already, influence of admitting bad interpretation of people about them aggrivates racism.

People also believes that we can’t raise heroes and gaint amongst Africans. People outside this country knows that we are genuis, they have seen our capacity, they are predators their aim is to turn our own ideas to money, since we did not believe in ourselves.

Some of them even subject us to slavery, but it’s never too late we can still take our place, I know we all have visions but let’s bring them to reality, there are also ways we can accomplish them.priortise self help through the following:

°Look for support within your community

°Embrace your ethnicity

°place value on yourself

° Build up your self confidence

° Be focused

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