Human cognitive learning styles

There are three main learning styles in which humans use to assimilate informations:

Visual learners: This category of student understands and learn best when information is presented to them visually , it means they learn through what they can see.

They enjoy being taught with various representation like charts, images and symbols.

Auditory learners: They are special kind of people who understands information better when it is being passed acrossed in audio form, they enjoy listening to podcasts, audio books and messages.

Auditory learners like music and remember detail of conversations .They struggle to pay attention when there are sounds distracting in their environment.

The final one we are considering are the kinesthetic

Kinesthetic learners: They learn by doing things with their hands, they may have problem with staying still or paying attention to an assignment or lecture for a long period of time without taking a break.

Kinesthetic learners are exceptional group of people, they may be gifted with athletic abilities, they also enjoy class project that involves building , experimenting or acting.

Once you master your style of learning you will be able to stand out in any field you find yourself.

Learning is Golden.

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