Human cognitive learning styles

There are three main learning styles in which humans use to assimilate informations: Visual learners: This category of student understands and learn best when information is presented to them visually , it means they learn through what they can see. They enjoy being taught with various representation like charts, images and symbols. Auditory learners: TheyContinue reading “Human cognitive learning styles”


Racism is a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on social interpretation of how one looks. Racism is a social determinant of health especially among adolescence. The impact of racism can be linked to birth disparities and mental health problem in children and adults. Experiencing racial discrimination and injustice can take a heavyContinue reading “Racism”

Parental influence on child’s career 1

There are no bad children, it’s just that there are some certain negative parental influence on a child’s life/career The importance of parents in one’s life is quite evident from this eminent quotation. A child’s development depends on the parental upbringing. No circumstance can overcome the rigidity and sustainability of a child’s upbringing because parentContinue reading “Parental influence on child’s career 1”

Adolescence mental health

Who is an adolescence? They are group of people between the ages of (10-20). Adolescence is a unique and formative time, during this period young adults go through a lot of constraints. It is a crucial period for developing, and maintaining social and emotional habits which is very important to mental well being. These includeContinue reading “Adolescence mental health”


Unforgiveness can be defined psychologically as the emotional imbalance due to delayed response towards a transgressor.However the expression ( anger, hatred, frustration or violence) depends on the mental state of a person. Health risks of unforgivennes • chronic stress response: A person who lets out negative feelings in the form of hatred or violence isContinue reading “Unforgivennes”

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